High Value Tax Insights

T-REx helps navigate complex tax rates and structures that vary among states and within industries.

Think Tax Implications

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.32.35 PMEvaluating the tax consequences of a proposed location is rarely as straightforward as comparing statutory tax rates.  A technical mastery of state and local tax laws often reveals how the real-life application of complex state taxation policies may result in dramatically different tax obligations for the same operation in different jurisdictions.  Only rarely does the effective tax rate of a particular business reflect the statutory rate.  An incentives offer viewed in isolation without these insights may falsely present as a savings opportunity rather than a tax increase, or vice versa.  At Think, we take a holistic view to evaluate the comprehensive impacts of a location decision for our clients, not the just largest incentives package.

Think will model state apportionment of income, and other applicable tax methods, so our clients base decisions on realistic tax estimates.  Think provides research and analysis as to where state and local gross receipts taxes may apply and opportunities to apply for exemptions or abatements. Think also screens for property tax savings and identifies local gross income-based taxes or fees tied to services such as telecommunications and utilities that may have material impacts on certain industries. In a number of cases, we also identify opportunities to reduce such taxes and fees.

We combine Big 4 experience and technical tax mastery with labor analytics and site selection expertise to drive down the costs of your project and optimize the after tax profits of your business.

State Tax Developments

  • Tax Issues on Ballot (2016 Election)
  • Minimum Wage on Ballet (2016 Election)
  • Utility User Tax expanding to Netflix and other online streaming services for certain cities.
  • California excludes from the use tax certain accommodations of loaner vehicles.
  • Supreme Court to review and clarify standard for applying retroactive tax legislation.